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New Cedar Roof in Bloomfield, MI

Bloomfield Township — known locally as just Bloomfield — is the wealthiest area in the state of Michigan. It is primarily residential, though it has a few commercial areas to serve its residents, along with plenty of lakes and golf courses.

It sits alongside some of the state’s finest shopping areas including downtown Birmingham and Troy’s Somerset Collection (mall), along with other popular downtown areas not far away, like in Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Rochester. With major roadways like Telegraph Road and Woodward (the nation’s first paved road) and with easy access to I-75, Bloomfield offers a modern and premium living experience.

We’re proud to offer a lot of new roof and roof repair work in Bloomfield with the kind of quality demanded by an upscale community.

Cedar Roof Installation Bloomfield | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

New Shingle Roof in Fenton, Michigan

A city of just over 10,000 residents, Fenton is close to our own home base and is uniquely situated in three counties: Oakland, Genesee, and Livingston. It boasts traditional neighborhoods, a historic feeling yet modern downtown, and lakes galore. Silver Lake park provides more than 35 acres of nature and activities, including around 300 feet of beachfront.

During the summer, Fenton has a farmer’s market and music in the downtown area on certain nights. They also have a variety of celebrations for different holidays throughout the year. In short, Fenton feels like the traditional USA, and we’re happy to serve the area by keeping homes and businesses sealed tight with quality roofing.

While we install many types of new roofs (and provide repairs on the old), here’s an example of a standard shingle roof we installed in Fenton. As always, this new roof installation came with our guarantee of a job done right.

New Shingle Roof in Fenton, Michigan | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Before and After Cedar Roof in Metamora, Michigan

Located between Oxford and Lapeer, Metamora is a quiet place with historic homes, large farms, and countless acres of nature, including Lake Metamora and Mount Christie. It has a definite country feel to it and has a strong community of horse lovers. They even hold the famous Metamora fox hunt here.

Metamora has a small village to serve the community. Here you’ll find a handful of businesses including the well known White Horse Inn, which has a long history serving different functions. Most recently it was reopened as a restaurant in 2014.

Metamora is a quiet place to be, perfect for escaping the more hectic pace of city life. We really enjoyed the opportunity to help a customer with this cedar roof restoration. You can see on the left how beat up the original roof was, and how we were able to give the whole home new life by installing a new cedar roof for them.

Before and After Cedar Roof in Metamora, Michigan Before | Element Roofing, Siding & GuttersBefore and After Cedar Roof in Metamora, Michigan after | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Historical Roof Restoration, Grosse Pointe, Michigan

Born as a village in the late 1800s and as a city in 1934, Grosse Pointe holds a lot of history as one of Detroit’s first commuter neighborhoods. It includes large and small homes alike, including a 12,000 square foot mansion built by the Booth family. But many other homes are considered historical, including this one we had the opportunity to work on.

Sure, it looks like a mess during the roof restoration process, but we make sure the home and yard are left in great condition whenever we’re done on a job site. And this roof, of course, is better than ever while staying true to its historic feel.

When you think of Detroit, you can hardly help but think of Henry Ford, and Grosse Pointe was home to many of the Fords, including Henry Clay Ford, Sr., who once owned the Detroit Lions. But the small city — just 1 square mile — has also been home to many sports stars and entertainers. The movie Grosse Pointe Blank was also filmed here. And within the city’s tiny frame, you still have a park, a retail area, and shoreline along Lake Saint Clair. Truly a beautiful place to visit, and a place we enjoyed working to restore this roof.

Historical Roof Restoration, Grosse Pointe, Michigan | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Flat Roof Installed in Novi, Michigan

Located at the crossroads of 3 major highways northwest of Detroit, Novi is a booming city that’s been successfully growing for decades. It has a tremendous number of businesses, a strong school district, and about 60,000 residents.

Near the popular 12 Oaks Mall is a large park that borders Walled Lake.

This is another of the many communities we’re proud to serve, and you can see us at work with heavy equipment here for installation of a new flat roof in a commercial setting.

Serving the region since 2001, Element Roofing is much more than a residential, shingle roofer. We install and repair metal roofs, cedar roofs, flat roofs, and commercial roofs as well.

We treat no job lightly because the job isn’t done until you’re satisfied. And since we guarantee our work, you can bet we’re doing top quality work the first time. Because even though we’ll be there to help if you ever run into a problem with your roof … we hope you never have to call for that reason. And because of some of our special installation techniques, we think you never will.

Flat Roof Installed in Novi, Michigan | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Pool House Metal Roof in Clarkston, Michigan

Maybe you’ve heard companies saying that no job is too big or too small. We subscribe to that: whether you just need a leak fixed on your roof, or you need an entire warehouse newly roofed, we’re here to assist.

One example of a small job we were happy to handle with was this new metal roof for a pool house in Clarkston, MI.

Almost directly between Flint and Detroit, Clarkston is at the heart of our stomping grounds. Known officially as “The City of the Village of Clarkston,” it’s a small area — just about 1/2 mile square — with only about 1000 residents. But its downtown is so quaint, it has been established as a National Historical Site. In spite of its size, it’s big in spirit and hosts parades and art fairs and other festivities throughout the year.

In this setting, we had the opportunity to stop by one home to put a metal roof onto a pool house as you can see from the image here.

We hope you’ll take this to heart, knowing that we’re glad to talk with you about your next roofing project, no matter the size. We help with practically any kind of roofing project, balancing the need for quality work, guaranteed satisfaction, and competitive pricing. Give us a call and see how we can help!

Pool House Metal Roof in Clarkston, Michigan | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Spanish Tile Church Roof in Detroit

Detroit is a city making a comeback in a major way. With a population that once neared 2 million in 1950, it declined over the years to around 700,000 now. But at the crossroads of major highways and a beautiful location along the Detroit River, the city is an ideal place in Michigan for a rebirth.

Today, millions are being invested in stadiums, buildings and renovations to bring more life back to the city.

As the city rises back up, we’re glad to contribute in our own way, repairing roofs or installing new roofs like this beautiful Spanish tile roof on a church in Detroit. As experienced roofers, we love the chance to work on different types of roof, and love seeing results like these. Sure, the process isn’t pretty; but when we’ve got all the scraps removed from the old roof and have cleaned up the entire site, the results look great. And with our careful installation process, we know the church is protected from the elements for years to come.

Spanish Tile Church Roof in Detroit | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

Cedar Roof Restoration in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is widely known as home to the University of Michigan, but it’s so much more than that. With a population of more than 100,000, it’s a bustling place with a large yet walkable downtown full of restaurants, stores, and businesses. It somehow combines the feel of “big” with “quaint.”

It’s also more than that. Known as “Tree Town,” Ann Arbor is heavily covered with trees, from its many parks to its residential areas. Its beauty includes a large nature area, an arboretum, and a park where you can rent paddle boats or kayaks for use on the Huron River.

Beauty is such an important part of the Ann Arbor atmosphere, we were proud to have a chance to restore a historic cedar roof in the area, as you can see in this picture.

We are experienced with all sorts of roof repairs and new roof installations.We can easily move from cedar roofs to metal roofs to more common shingle roofs. Customer satisfaction is key to every project, which is why the job isn’t done until you love our work. Give us a call and find out where quality and competitive pricing truly come together for the value you’re looking for!

Cedar Roof Restoration in Ann Arbor, Michigan | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters

New Metal Roof for a Church in Flint

The original home of GM, Flint was a booming manufacturing city for many years until GM left in the 1980s. Flint still loves its cars and holds a massive “Back to the Bricks” automotive event in August each year.

As the largest city in Genessee county with about 100,000 residents, Flint is not only renovating many historic buildings and removing old homes for new ones, but it’s also surrounded by the largest county park system in Michigan. There’s a lot happening in Flint, and we’re glad to be included each time we help by installing a new roof or repairing an older one.

Pictured is a metal roof we installed on a church in Flint. This is just one example of the different projects we can tackle because we’ve been roofing for so many years.

New Metal Roof for a Church in Flint | Element Roofing, Siding & Gutters